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How to install zend framework on xampp server ?

Many people find it hard to install the Zend framework on their xampp server themselves. Therefore, they seek the help of computer technicians. Here are some tips that will help you install the software yourself on your xampp server.

Download the Zend framework and the Xampp server

To get started, you need to download the software from the internet. Once you are in the search engine, type “download Zend framework for PC”. The official website of the Framework will appear and, once on the site, you can conveniently download it. Different versions of the software will appear, and you will select the one that suits your xampp server or your personal computer.

Once you possess the appropriate version of your Zend framework, you can download the xampp server. Repeat the same process by looking for the server on the Internet. Select the one that suits your needs and install it on your PC. Now that you have the server’s software and the Framework, you can install the latter on the former.

Install the xampp server and extract the Zend framework

The next step consists of installing the xampp server on a disk of your choice, preferably on the C drive. We recommend the C Drive because it is generally used to install programs and servers. Once it is installed, click on the Zend framework file to extract it and wait a few minutes for the extraction.

Once the file has been extracted, move the Zend framework folder to the drive of your choice. We also recommend the C drive. Additionally, we recommend putting the Zend framework and the xampp server on the same drive. After moving the file, you can rename it for an easier usage. For example, you can choose several names: Zend or framework or Zf.

Finalize the process

To finalize the process, go to your workstation, right-click and go to properties. Secondly, select the “variable environment” in the advanced tab. You will then change the variable name. To do so, press “new” and define the new name. Next, a technical command will appear for the variable’s value. In this value, enter exactly the following commands: C: xamppphp, for the xampp server, and C: zendbin, for the Zend framework.

To apply the recent changes, press OK and confirm. Then restart the computer. As soon as the computer turns on, wait a few minutes. Open your command prompt and insert the following command: C: zf show version. After carefully entering the formula, the variant of your software appears. If you don’t see it, it means that the installation was unsuccessful. It also means that you have done something wrong or have missed a step. You have to go back to the beginning and check the whole process to make sure everything is alright.

This is how to install your Zend Framework on your server, without needing help. Pay attention to the commands and be alert during the process. After the installation, fully enjoy your Zend Framework.