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What fabric is used for wedding draping ?

A wedding is not just a town hall or church ceremony. It is also a reception where the bride and groom want a decoration to match the event. In the wedding decor trend, hangings are coming back But, what is the right fabric for beautiful drapping?

Fluid and transparent textiles

Thanks to their light texture, fluid and transparent textiles create a romantic and cozy atmosphere for a wedding. Hanging from the ceilings or covering the walls, they can make magnificent curtains for a reception on the Bohemian chic, romantic, or fairy theme. The fabrics in this category are organza, silk muslin, or even veil.

Organza and muslin have the advantage of providing beautiful reflections when exposed to light. With these details, there is enough to make beautiful photos. Plus, on organza and chiffon, the more oppressive dark colors appear softer and more faded.

As for the sail, it is the most suitable fabric for making light curtains thanks to its finesse and its airy feel. It is very popular because it plays with natural light to amplify the magical and relaxed atmosphere.

When made with silk threads, they are quite expensive. If your budget allows, you can choose them. On the other hand, if you don’t want to invest too much, go for nylon, polyester, or cotton veil. In addition to being less expensive, they are also very durable. You can use these hangings for other occasions.

However, be careful not to choose fabrics that look rough or too shiny. They give kitsch and low-end touches to the decoration.

Satin: a timeless fabric full of charm

Heavier than the previous ones, satin can be used as much for the ceremony as for the reception hall. The satin drapes give a chic, romantic, and glamorous touch to the decoration. This textile is also used to emphasize the solemn aspect of the ceremony.

Depending on the material used and the type of finish, there are several satin models. Those recommended for weddings are heavy synthetic or cotton fabrics. You will only have to choose according to the atmosphere you want to set up.

Just be aware that polyester satin is brighter and denser, but less elegant than silk. Obviously, it costs less. So, if you want elegance with silk satin, you will need to invest more.

Suspended from the ceiling, the satin fabrics give the impression of enlarging the room. Moreover, the heavier they are, the more they maintain an atmosphere that is solemn and classy. This is why they are often placed at the reception of theaters.

For wedding drapping, soft and bright textiles should be used. Lightweight fabrics bring a friendly feel while thicker fabrics like satin are solemn. Remember that the right fabric must above all match the theme of your decor and fit into your wedding budget.