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How to manage your web design agency ?

To manage a web design agency, you will need the best tools. Tools like web design, administrative, financial, and client support software. Read on to find out how to manage your agency better.

Web design software

A web design agency’s mission is to design and create a visual identity for a website. To achieve this, it uses a staff. Among other things, she will need a web designer for the creation of websites, a graphic designer to make the models. She will also need an integrator to split the PSD, a programmer to develop the pages in PHP.

The web agency also uses different types of software. The most frequently used are:

  • Photoshop which is graphic design software
  • Illustrator which is a vector graphics creation software
  • Canva which is also a graphic design software
  • Adobe InDesign which is sophisticated design software
  • CorlDraw, the latter is free graphic design software

All these software are useful for the good management of the agency.

Gusto, human resources management software

A web agency will also need to properly manage the recruited staff to ensure effective overall management. To achieve this, she can use software. The Gusto software makes it possible, for example, to manage salaries. He pays by bank transfer, fixes the days off. It also pays contractors and files all your payroll-related tax forms. All taxes are automatically taken care of. If you are using Xero or Quickbooks, Gusto sends your payroll entries to your accounting platform.

Trello and podio, project management software for web design agency

Podio and Trello are software for web design and marketing projects. You will need to know where you stand, who is in charge of the team, the deadlines to meet and the conversations with the customer. For website design and logo projects, Trello is software that lets you keep track of everything.

For services with continuous components such as paid advertising campaigns or any marketing activity, referencing in progress, you will have to choose the Podio software. With this software, one can create a Trello-like board for design projects. With Globiflow, you create automated sequences, personalized fields. Podio can be a hub for your agency, providing services like team chat, sales management, internal communication.

Teamwork is a project management platform with a lot of features, but easy to use. It has features for web design agencies like time tracking, project tracking, managing the individual workload of team members. Teamwork helps web design agencies manage permissions and client access to invoicing and time tracking.

CRM and Xero, other management software

A CRM helps manage your customers and sales. CRMs help track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and statistics. They are mainly used to sell. With a CRM, you have a dashboard for your salespeople. High-end CRMs do email marketing, social media management.

A web agency is paid by its clients. Xero is accounting and bookkeeping software. It creates invoices but also visualizes cash flow, profit, loss, and financial statements.

To run a web design agency, you will not only need quality staff, but also powerful tools to keep it running smoothly.