Extraordinary-facts.comDo you know thatHow long should titles for images be for seo optimization ?

How long should titles for images be for seo optimization ?

In these days of content marketing, it is important to know how to set up multimedia productions for high visibility on the web. Text, image, video, and audio each have their own referencing principle to be observed in order to ensure good positioning on the net. How is the image optimization going?

What is SEO?

The natural or organic optimization called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) does not need payment but uses a number of characteristics to be complete. To properly exploit it for the images of your site and generate traffic, you must know:

  • How to properly name the visual
  • Define the “Alt”
  • The format and weight of the images
  • Specify content and context around images

Other things like the legend and the sitemap also come into play when it comes to optimizing it.

The title of the image

Search engines cannot read an image. It is up to the webmaster to help him read it in order to position your visual correctly during searches. Do not name your image which features a house Img00786.Jpg but bellemaison.Jpg. The second designation guarantees your visual appearance in all applications relating to home and beauty.

The ALT attribute

Know that Google will give a better position to your image if you associate a description with a few well-chosen words. You just need to avoid using accents and use dashes to connect keywords in the text designating the image.

Still called alt text, it is needed by search engines to prove the relevance of the image uploaded. The “ALT” contains information useful for positioning the image in searches. It must be reciprocal in the image. The visual must be able to be substituted by the “Alt” and vice versa. It must :

  • Be a description of the content of the image
  • Be unique for each image
  • Designed in concise and precise language
  • No more than 100 characters
  • No word repetition

Not the same as the title of the image. A tool on Google allows you to check whether the browser has correctly understood the “Alt”. This is Natural Language. With this application you will know, the keywords of the “Alt” have been correctly understood by the engine.

The format and weight of the images

The most popular image formats are JPG, GIF and PNG. Some formats are also supported by search engines. Just prefer the 3 favorite formats of browsers so as not to have difficulty generating traffic on your web page. Specify for a good SEO of your image, the size and the height of your image. Proper management of the size of the image reduces the weight of the latter. It will therefore be more alive, more dynamic.

Specify content and context around images

Apart from the characteristics of the image, the environment in which it is positioned influences its visibility on the net. For example, avoid inserting a photo of a football match into footage about the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a loss for your traffic.