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Tattoos and piercings: How to use both to show off?

Fashion effect, the tattoo has the wind in its sails among young people. While some 30-somethings get words or dates tattooed to belong to a group, others do it to detach themselves from their loved one, show off or assert themselves. However, the tattoo is not the only option to achieve these different objectives. Piercing is also a good way to stay fashionable, personalize your style and assert your identity. However, you can do a combination between the two. Let’s discuss this further later in this article.

Choosing an ear piercing

To show off, adults can pierce different parts of their body. Navel, arch, nipple and nose, the choice is wide. However, not all piercings are elegant. Indeed, made on the mouth or the septum, they can shock sensitive souls. To avoid this, most young people opt for an ear piercing. In addition to being elegant, this type of piercing is carried out on various places of the ear.

Depending on your desires, you can choose the orbital piercing, the shell piercing, the daith piercing or the rook piercing. The snug and conch are also ideal locations for a piercing. Apart from the freedom of choice of location, the ear piercing also allows you to show off with jewelry. In addition, its discretion makes it easily complementary to a tattoo, wherever the latter is made.

The choice of jewelry for piercing

In jewelry stores or stores specializing in beauty products, you will find a lot of jewelry that will allow you to highlight your piercing. The choice obviously depends on where the piercing is made. Indeed, those who opt for the helix piercing will not choose the same jewelry as adults who have pierced the tragus. In the first case, the rings are the most recommended. They are for the most part elegant and allow you to highlight the piercing.

If you’re not a fan of rings, labrets are also perfect jewelry to showcase the helix piercing. You will also find other types of jewelry that can enhance you.

As for the price, it all depends on the material from which the jewelry is made. For a gold model, for example, you will have to pay a larger sum.

Where to place your tattoo for more class with an ear piercing?

Different parts of the body can accommodate a tattoo. The back, the ankle, the inside of the arm, the hip, the neck… For more class, get a tattoo on the neck. You can also opt for the helix tattoo. These two solutions go perfectly with the ear piercing. In short, if you love both tattoos and piercings, choose the best place on your body to do them. The piercing made in the ear and the tattoo made on the spot, for example, brings a touch of originality to your style.