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Why was the quran not revealed in english ?

The holy Koran to which Muslims refer to practice their religion is fully revealed in Arabic. What creates in particular speculations on the choice of this language for a divine revelation. Many people then wonder why the Quran is not revealed in English or another language.

The Origin of Prophet Mohammad (SAW)

It is not easy to find sources and scientific works which can justify the fact that the Quran is written in Arabic. However, the origin of the Prophet Mohammad to whom the verses of the holy book were revealed is Saudi Arabia. The latter had Arabic as his mother tongue. To make him understand the revelations coming directly from Allah, it is therefore logical that the angel Djibril (Gabriel) addressed the prophet in Arabic.

In addition, his mission was to spread the verses of the Quran throughout Arabia and the rest of the world. If the Quran was originally written in English, this task would be more difficult. Indeed, the majority of the practices of Islam have been reported and transcribed by the companions of Mohammad (SAW). The fact that the prophet of Islam is originally from Arabia is therefore the primary reason for the choice of Arabic over another language.

A choice that seemed wiser

In Islamic culture, it is reported that the religion was revealed in 610 to the Prophet Mohammad (SAW) by Djibril, when he was in retreat on Mount Hira. At the time, God’s messenger was illiterate. A revelation of the Koran in English would therefore not have enabled us to grasp the quintessence of the message that the angel Gabriel was to send him. Allah would therefore have chosen the language of the prophet to enact the laws of the Islamic religion called sunnah.

The aim was therefore to be understood by as many people as possible who were inclined to accept the precepts of Islam. During this time, between 602 and 628, there was a war between the Persian Empire in eastern Arabia and the Byzantine Empire in the western Mediterranean. The victory of the Arabs in 636 greatly contributed to the expansion of religion into the Arabic language.

A challenge of eloquence and rhetoric

In Sura Al Baqara (2: 23-24), we can read these words “If you have any doubt about what we have revealed to Our Lord, therefore try to produce a similar sura and call your witnesses apart from God if you are truthful. If you can’t do it, and you never will, then stand up against the fire ”. These verses from the Qur’an clearly testify to the Lord’s willingness to challenge the Arabs over the rhetoric and eloquence associated with the holy book. The inimitable character of these verses written in Arabic therefore partly explains the choice made on this language for revelation.

Moreover, according to research, Arabic is the only language that has retained its authenticity in 5,000 years. All the others have undergone modifications, as a result of ministerial decrees or because of the influence of other languages. However, remember that this does not preclude preaching Islamic laws around the world. Today, many books in Arabic are also translated into English.