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How to be a private taxi driver ?

The expression “chauffeur-driven transport service” denotes a profession in its own right. You can also use the name “private taxi driver”. It implies a structure with both a fleet of cars for rental and drivers available to customers. If you have a vehicle available and want to register legally as a private taxi driver, then you must meet the following conditions.

Have a professional driver’s card

A private taxi driver must have his professional card in order to be recognized by the legislation in force. To obtain this card, you must send an official request to the prefecture of your city. If you live in Paris, then contact the Prefecture de Police. You will receive your private driver certificate on-site, by mail, or by email. What documents do I need to provide to obtain this title? They are five all in all :

  • ID
  • certificate of physical fitness for passenger transport
  • certificate of success in the VTC exam (transport car with driver)
  • proof of address
  • and valid B license.

Note that, you must have received your license for at least 03 years. In addition, if you do not have an eligibility document for the VTC competition, you must pass the VTC exam. As regards the proof of good physical capacities, it must be issued to you by a competent doctor (approved and recognized by the prefecture).

If you need to be admitted to the VTC exam, then this is the professional VTC card. It is compulsory for any private taxi driver. To prepare this composition, you can subscribe to accelerated training. Through it, you will learn more about road safety and standards in the field of passenger transport. It is also advisable to take a preparation course before the exam. It is important to emphasize that this VTC card has a validity period of 05 years. Its renewal includes 14 hours of continuous recycling.

Set up a private taxi driver business and register with the VTC register

As required by law, to practice a professional profession, you must establish yourself legally. It is about the creation of businesses. In your case, you have the choice between exercising as a sole proprietorship or a SASU. Although less advantageous from a tax standpoint, the second statute offers the possibility of deducting the operating expenses of insurance, the cost of purchasing the car, and the costs of fuel.

Registration in the VTC register requires the submission of the VTC card, insurance and vehicle registration document. So, it would be better to have the car available before registering on the VTC list.

To become a private taxi driver or VTC driver, you must with a professional VTC card, create your structure with regard to the legal and legal provisions then belong to the body of VTC.