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Norton Antivirus Affiliate Pro Review

Norton Antivirus Affiliate Pro

Among the many programs offered by Norton, one of the most popular programs is the Norton Antivirus Affiliate Pro. This program is available for free and offers an easy way for affiliates to promote and earn commissions on the sale of Norton products. There are several different versions of this program, including the Norton Antivirus Affiliate Pro 4.0, Norton Antivirus Affiliate Pro 3.0, and Norton Antivirus Affiliate Pro 2.0. The programs all work with different types of advertising methods, such as affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, and display advertising. The affiliate program has many features, including customizable banners and advertisements, as well as tools to help manage and maintain the program’s traffic.


Having a good antivirus program is essential for ensuring your security. Avast Norton Antivirus Affiliate Pro is an intelligent program that protects your devices and your privacy.

Avast Norton Antivirus Affiliate Pro offers many features including a sandbox tool to avoid malicious apps from affecting your system directly. Aside from this, the program can also help you identify suspicious sites.

The program also has a password manager and an advanced firewall for your device. In addition, the software can also prevent unauthorized access to your webcams and websites.

Its smart scan feature can detect network issues and phishing sites. The program also has a superfluous data shredder. It also has a webcam shield that can be turned on for a temporary period of time.

The program also offers a comprehensive virus scan. This is a feature that other antivirus programs may not have.

Avast offers a wide variety of plans. In addition, the company offers an Advanced Protection Plan for resellers and MSSPs.

Avast is a popular antivirus program. With over 435 million users worldwide, it’s one of the most trusted programs on the market.

Avast offers a variety of features, including an anti-spam utility, a firewall, and a malware-scanning engine. The program also includes a Wi-Fi inspector. The company has also recently upgraded its settings to make it easier to use.


Whether you’re looking for a new antivirus product or are interested in promoting a product that is compatible with a particular operating system, Norton Antivirus Affiliate Pro can help you earn big commissions. The company provides multi-layered malware protection and a great user interface.

The company offers both a free and paid version of its antivirus software. The free version provides basic protection against malware, phishing, and unsafe downloads. It also has a firewall. It also blocks suspicious websites and attachments.

The company’s anti-malware engine is powered by advanced heuristics and machine learning to detect and block malware. Norton has a large malware directory to help it detect newer threats. The company also prohibits software add-ons and email marketing.

The company has a great reputation for customer support. The support page includes numerous FAQs and a support community. It also offers quick links to the download center and to a chat support line.

Norton Antivirus Affiliate Pro may be on a network such as Shareasle, Impact Radius, or Viglink. It may also be a part of the AVG Technologies Affiliate Program.

AVG and Norton Antivirus offer similar product offerings. In addition to malware protection, AVG offers a free firewall, network inspector, and anti-phishing protection. It also has a free VPN product for Windows and Android.

Norton’s software is easy to download and install. It is also easy to use and provides real-time protection against threats.


Founded in 1989, ESET is a Slovakian-based IT security company that protects over 100 million users worldwide. They offer a full range of products, including Endpoint protection for Windows, Internet Security, and Cyber Security. They also offer a suite of antivirus and anti-theft applications for Mac and Linux.

ESET’s antivirus is designed to prevent phishing attacks and other malicious programs from invading your system. It’s also equipped with a spam filter that integrates with your e-mail client. You can set the program to scan all incoming emails or only your read e-mails. ESET also includes a secure browser, an anti-theft feature, and a two-way firewall. It also includes adware blocking and parental controls.

ESET’s interface is a little more interesting than most of its competitors. The main window is full-screen, and there is plenty of white space.

The interface is also fairly easy to navigate. The home page features an ESET mascot robot. It also offers a knowledge base with articles on a range of topics, including installation and configuration. The knowledge base is available in 36 languages.

There’s a very active community forum on the ESET website. This is great for when you’re out of reach of customer support. However, the forums are not always active.

ESET’s Internet Security is designed to protect your online banking transactions. It also includes a two-way firewall and anti-phishing features.


Besides antivirus protection, Kaspersky offers additional protection against keyloggers and other types of malware. It also includes a variety of scan scheduling options.

Kaspersky’s UI is simple and easy to use. It’s quick to navigate and there are plenty of additional features to try. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try the plan out for yourself and see if it’s right for you.

Kaspersky has a decent VPN service. It also offers an easy-to-navigate password vault. It’s also easy to add documents, bank cards, and notes to your vault.

Kaspersky’s malware scanner has a good record. It’s been tested by major testing labs as recently as fall 2020. It’s also one of the more transparent antivirus companies. It was also able to capture 100% of zero-day malware, and has a perfect record of blocking malware.


Regardless of whether you’re looking for antivirus protection for your PC, iOS, or Android device, Symantec is a name you can count on. It provides award-winning security solutions that are easy to use and backed by a generous sixty-day money-back guarantee.

The company’s antivirus protection uses heuristics to detect viruses and malware, and its signatures are useful in detecting newer threats. In addition, it offers features like webcam protection and a password manager.

The antivirus software features a user-friendly interface that makes scanning and updating your system as easy as pressing a button. Norton AntiVirus also comes with a phishing protection tool that identifies and blocks malicious sites.

The company also offers a slew of other security tools, including a firewall, a password manager, and a security app. In addition, it includes a secure VPN and Wi-Fi protection, as well as LifeLock identity theft protection.

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Putting a name in front of an online audience is the holy grail of online business models. In the age of mobile, omnipresent tablets and smartphones, a little extra cash isn’t out of the question. The big question is, where to put it? Fortunately, Symantec has a suite of products that can be bundled and marketed to the masses. Keeping an eye on your data is a must. A reputable provider such as Symantec has the right people, right tools, and right price points. You are assured of an engaging customer experience with a service that is a cut above the rest. It is the reason why Symantec is the most sought after antivirus provider in the industry. Founded in 1991, Symantec is a leading provider of enterprise class, next generation security solutions to over a million customers worldwide.