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How to make a Lost or Stolen Dog Flyer Template

Dogs are the most popular pet on the planet, taking about 33% of the whole pet owners’ population; 10% more than cats. Therefore, they are close to our hearts as owners, quickly causing panics if they get missing. One of the most effective ways to find a missing dog is through a dog flyer. As long as you have a template, making a flyer should only take a few minutes.

Why is a missing dog template important?

Most times, when your dog is missing, it is difficult to track where it went. Therefore, many resorts to hiring missing pet professionals after getting tired from aimlessly walking around the suspected area. Yes, professional pet finders are good, and would probably track your dog accurately and bring it home safely, however, they cost money. Although the exact price of hiring a pet finder varies, it is certainly the most expensive way to find your dog.

Also, another way is to purchase a dog collar with a tracker, which allows you to monitor wherever your dog is on your mobile. However, just like pet finders, this is also an expensive alternative for those without deep pockets. This is why a missing dog flyer template is relevant, as it allows you to make a lost dog announcement without breaking the bank. Although it might not be as effective as other alternatives, it can go a long way in helping you find your pet.

With a template at hand, a missing dog flyer can easily be printed and posted around the suspected neighborhood. By doing this, your search range spreads wide, as everyone subconsciously participates in the search. For a quicker effect, you can also include a finder’s tip, something certainly lower than hiring a pet finder or purchasing a tracker. Missing pet flyers has been an effective way to find missing dogs and would continue to be for a while.

Making a lost or stolen dog flyer template design

Knowing how to make a lost or stolen dog flyer template is pretty simple since no one is actually interested in how beautiful it looks. All you need is something simple, descriptive and containing space for a bold picture of the missing dog. This way, you can always reuse it or share it with a friend in need. It should include the following:

  • Dog’s picture;
  • Dog’s name;
  • Reward (if any);
  • Contact details;
  • Last seen location.

Firstly, the template should contain a very bold and legible attention-grabbing header. This is to ensure that anyone that takes a glance from a distance should know what it’s about. Most times, phrases like “missing dog” or “lost dog” are okay. Underneath the phrase, but less bold, should be a space for finders reward. Although it’s not compulsory to include one, placing a reward expedite things and spurs people to be more involved.

Next, you should leave a space for the head picture of the missing dog. This space should be large and bold enough for easy recognition in case someone finds the dog. Underneath the picture, create a space for the dog’s name, something people can call it to appear friendly.

Other information you should include are the last seen location and your contact details. Ensure that the location is as precise as possible up to the exact address, date and time.

aLL Steps to remember to find your dog quickly

Losing your dog is a frightening experience and those who have experienced it know what it is like. In these moments of panic, it is normal to not know where to turn and what action to take. First of all, remember that the poster is essential to facilitate your search. If you don’t know how to do this, simply follow the advice on this site: https://www.petalertusa.org/lost-dog. In addition to the poster, here are some effective tips that will surely lead you to your pet. 

Report the entities in charge of pets

The first step to take as soon as you are sure that your dog has gone astray is to notify the professionals. When a cat is lost, it is necessary to declare its loss on the I-CAD file. This procedure is the same for a dog. This way, if the authorities find your dog, you will be directly notified. 
In addition to the directory, it is also recommended to notify your veterinarian or any other specialist working in the same sector. This will make your search easier since most injured or stray animals are also found in these areas. 
If you have not identified your dog in the national directory, you should also notify the local pound. This will increase your chances of finding your dog.

Additional tips to try

If you are going to conduct a field search with a team, be careful. This approach may be unsuccessful, especially if your dog is fearful. In addition, he will feel threatened by the number of people searching for him. 
Experienced hunters say that the fresh water and food trick works most of the time. It consists of putting a bowl of water and some food at the place where you last met him. This will surely bring him back if he is still around. 

How can I prevent this from happening again? 

Even if you’ve taught your dog obedience and loyalty, he’ll still wander off or change his322 behavior. In case he gets lost, you can fit him with a GPS collar with a microchip. This device is equipped with practical and especially effective functionality to make him come back if he should stray. Such is the case of the geolocation to locate his location or the Clicker recall option to call him.