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How to install a chatbot easily and quickly on wordpress

Chatbots are efficient automation tools that allow customers to benefit from better service through a website or a social media page. In addition to instantly answering various questions that customers may ask, chatbots participate in the personalization of a website. How to install a chatbot easily and quickly on WordPress? Here are the different steps!

Subscribe to a Chatbot tool for WordPress 

Installing a chatbot WordPress is pretty straightforward. One of the first things to do to add a chatbot to your WordPress is to register with a chatbot website. Note that there are many. It is, therefore, crucial to choose one that is easy to use and that meets all your expectations. As an example of a Chatbot tool, you can choose Botsify as it is very convenient and easy to use.

This chatbot tool integrates well with WordPress and includes a lot of customization options. Thanks to its drag and drop function, no coding is required. Furthermore, know that it is possible to subscribe online to free trials of Chatbot tools. This helps you to evaluate the tool before choosing it.

Define a chatbot template for your WordPress

Once you have chosen your Chatbot tool, the second step will be to determine its model. When opening your account, you will be asked to answer a series of questions. The first one is about choosing a template for your chatbot WordPress. Here, you have the choice between an already existing model and the option to create yours.

After you answer  the whole questionnaire, the next step will be to:

  • Name your bot

  • Customize your greeting message

  • Choose an avatar.

Once all this is done, you see a preview of your chatbot. If you are satisfied with your settings, you can approve the chatbot. If not, you can effect the appropriate changes before clicking on “Save” and “Continue”. It is also possible to change the settings later on.

Customize your Chatbot messages and add your chatbot code to your WordPress

To make changes to your Chatbot messages, simply click on the “Basic Messages section” on the left of your screen, in the Chatbot AI drop-down menu. In this section, you have access to different sections through which you can enter your preferences.

Once you are done customizing your messaging, add the chatbot to your WordPress website. And this consists of embedding a piece of code in the “footer.php file” of your WordPress site. To perform this integration, you have the choice between clicking on “Publish Bot> Connect to Website” or installing it manually by copying the embed code that appears, and pasting it in the footer.php file of your website.

After installing and activating the WordPress dashboard plugin, all you have to do is paste the API key provided under the “Publish Bot options”. Once this key is pasted, click on  “Save Changes”, and you’re done. When you visit your website, you will see the chatbot appear on the inside right corner.