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What is the price of a home insurance for student ?

As long as you are leaving the family residence to pursue your studies at the university, you will probably rent an apartment. You should know that a student apartment must be insured by a mutual insurance company against possible rental risks. Zoom on the rates on the market.

What is the cost of home insurance student?

At the beginning of the university year, the student will have to take several steps in order to complete his or her course of study without any worries. However, finding housing comes right after registering at the university. This step is not easy if you do not have a student housing insurance. Landlords refuse to rent their property if the student is not insured by a company. In this case, in order to take out a home insurance policy for a student with full knowledge of the facts, here is what you need to know.

When is insurance required?

Are you probably wondering if student home insurance is an obligation or an option? Being insured is a requirement for most dwellings. Whether it is a private apartment building or a student apartment. The guarantee will cover all damages that may occur to the building. Thus, home insurance is closely tied to the tenant profile, unless you are living with a family member.

Dwellings for which property insurance is required include the following:

  • A university residence ;
  • An unfurnished apartment;
  • An unfurnished studio.

For information purposes, furnished accommodation no longer requires insurance, as the lease agreement already makes the tenant liable for rental risks.

Some landlords require additional coverage and others do not. Nevertheless, you are free to subscribe to an insurance adapted to your needs by inquiring about the packages offered by mutual insurance companies to students.

Student home insurance: proposed rates

As with any offer available online, it is recommended to compare the rates offered by mutual insurance companies. This way, you will have access to an affordable student home insurance plan that fits your budget.

As an indication of the competitive prices on the market, a student home insurance policy is available from 1.40 euro per month. For one academic year, the package is available from 20.80 euros. If you opt for a package with civil liability, you should have an annual budget around 27.50 euros.

What is the extent of coverage according to the plan chosen?

If this is the first time you have taken out this coverage, you can find the types of offers available from mutual insurance companies here. You just have to add other options to benefit from an additional protection to protect your assets:

  • Multi-risk insurance: fire, flood, explosion, electrical damage, natural disaster damage;
  • A civil liability insurance covering all damages caused to others;
  • Assistance and legal protection against litigation;
  • An emergency breakdown service;
  • An indemnity for repeated classes.

However, if you choose optional coverage, ask about the offer to avoid paying additional costs unnecessarily. Generally, comprehensive or liability insurance covers all risks that may be caused to the building.

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