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How to make cbd bath bombs ?

The use of Cannabidiol as a remedy for certain ailments has proven to be essential. It took various forms of treatment. Some people are comfortable with the capsules, others prefer it as a dietary supplement, and still others in the form of essential oils. Here, we will talk about its use as a bath bomb.

CBD bath bombs: what are they?

CBD Bath Bombs are small scoops of soap that are introduced into hot baths and provide a feeling of relaxation. These soaps are obtained from mixtures of natural and useful products to benefit the body.

The special thing here is that these soaps contain CBD. The mixture between natural substances and cannabidiol produces a good effect on health. Also, CBD bath bombs allow users to cure certain ailments. They fight against:

  • the pain;
  • anxiety;
  • sleep disturbances;
  • the stress;
  • headaches.

These bombs have the advantage of not causing any irritation to the skin. Whether fragile or prone to acne, the use of CBD bath bombs does not harm it. On the contrary, they promote its hydration and make it more radiant.

The necessary ingredients to make CBD bath bombs

You can get a CBD bath bomb in most stores specializing in the distribution of cannabis products. However, you have the option of doing this yourself. That said, you need certain ingredients to make it happen. It should be noted that these are simply natural products that you can obtain in stores.

You need the basics: CBD. You can get it as an essential oil or as an oil infused with CBD. It all depends on your preferences. Be careful not to buy a CBD that contains THC. Next, you will need baking soda. To give the color you want, you will need a natural dye. No taxation is made of it.

When it comes to scent, you also have free choice – the main thing is that your bath smells good. It is therefore recommended that you put more preference scents there. Next, you will need citric acid and essential oils.

The CBD Bath Bomb Recipe

Making your own CBD bath bombs is easier than you think. We can even say that the most complicated part is finding all the necessary ingredients. After all the ingredients are available, you just have to mix things up.

First, mix the dry ingredients, i.e. powdered ingredients, in a container. Then in another, make the mixture of those which are liquid. Gradually add the liquid mixture to the powder mixture while being careful how to stir everything. Use a whisk to ensure perfect adhesion between the different substances.

Once you have achieved perfect homogeneity, place your bomb in molds to give them a shape. All this must be done quickly in order to prevent the resulting mixture from drying out. It will take about a day for the soap to harden properly.