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How to calculate the dimensions of my patio ?

The moments of celebration with family and friends are generally unforgettable and much appreciated. Having a patio at home to welcome your guests is a great idea. If you have such a project in mind, it is legitimate that you are wondering how to calculate the dimensions of your patio. The solution is all found.

Determine the dimensions of your patio according to your needs

To identify the right dimensions for your patio, consider your needs. For example, a patio of 5 to 10 m² can contain a table and four chairs. A patio of 10 to 15 m² can keep a table with 8 to 10 chairs. A model larger than 20 m² can have separate relaxation and other areas. So think carefully about what you want to do with your furniture. Knowing exactly what to do with your furniture will make it easier to determine the most suitable dimensions. It can be a side table, a barbecue area, a garden bar, a sunbathing area, a relaxation area. This is also where you need to determine the minimum and maximum number of people you want to receive. You can then measure the space you need by finding the right balance between your different needs.

Calculate the dimensions of your patio according to the available space

When you have enough space, you can basically express your needs through the dimensions of your patio. But if not, you have to calculate the dimension according to the available space. The minimum width for a patio is 2.50 meters. Then measure the width available to you as well as the length. Following this, you can calculate the maximum usable area for the construction of your patio. Then, focus on the important uses planned for this purpose to define the areas to be installed. Note that at a minimum, to have a dining area for 4 people, you would need a space of 9 feet x 9 feet for a cooking zone, a space of 5 feet x 6 feet for a bistro/lunch area (for 2 people) , a space of 5 feet x 7 feet and for a lounge area (for 4 people), a space of 9 feet x 9 feet.

Calculate the dimensions of your patio according to the functionality

Functionality is also a criterion for determining the dimensions of a patio. If you have a clear idea of ​​the roles it will have to play, then you can easily calculate its dimensions. This is done by following a few basic rules which ensure cohesion and good functionality. Indeed, circulation in your installation must be easy. It must have a well-established corridor for this use. When someone is seated, they should have their own space. For good functionality, you need at least: 3 feet wide for your hallway 3 feet of free space around unoccupied tables and chairs, and in case you are planning a barbecue, 3 feet for the cook’s ease.

So calculate the dimensions of your patio using these tips.